Medical Doctors Needed

If you are a physician...the Kentucky Air National Guard Needs You!

The Air National Guard is unique among the reserve services. It serves the interests of the nation in its Federal status. In its state role, the Air National Guard responds to disasters and other emergency roles when summoned to duty by the respective governors. The Air National Guard provides a major source of added strength and equipment to assist the Air Force during times of war or national emergency. This information sheet is being provided to physicians who desire information about possibly joining the Air National Guard Family. The information is general and subject to change. For more information, contact Master Sgt. Benjamin Sewell in recruiting at (502) 413-4222.

Must be a graduate of a medical school approved by the Surgeon General, USAF, or of a foreign medical school with permanent certification by the Educational Council for Foreign Medical Graduates. Must have a license in a state, the District of Columbia, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or Guam.

Must have completed a four-year course and been awarded a degree of Doctor of Osteopathy from a school of osteopathic medicine. Graduates must be eligible for a license to practice medicine or surgery in a majority of the states and licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy in a state, the District of Columbia, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or Guam.

* Be a United States citizen
* Be in good physical condition
* Be of high moral character
* Be engaged in the ethical practice of Medicine or Osteopathy
* Be able to meet current age requirements for commissioning (extended age qualifications may apply)

There are opportunities for many clinical specialties. Air National Guard physicians may apply to become USAF Flight Surgeons. If you qualify, you will participate in flying activities and become familiar with today's modern Air Force aircraft. Air National Guard units are located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam.

Air National Guard medical units meet one weekend each month. In addition, members are required to perform, at a minimum, 15 days of paid active duty each year designated as annual training. However, commanders do have some scheduling flexibility. Your annual tour may be performed in various locations, including Air Force medical installations throughout the United States and abroad.

All newly commissioned medical officers are required to attend the Air Force Commissioned Officers Training Course (COT) at Gunter Air Force Station in Montgomery, Ala., for four weeks and three days. A two-week short course is available for physicians. This course is designed to teach you about the military and what it means to be an officer in the United States Air Force, and a leader in today's Air National Guard. To become an Air National Guard Flight Surgeon, you must attend the Aerospace Medicine Primary course at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Another course open to Air Guard Physicians is the ANG Top Knife School. This is a two-week CME accredited course in "fighter aviation medicine" that encompasses several opportunities to fly aboard F-15 aircraft in simulated combat conditions. Other specialized medical training opportunities are possible in the USAF system.

Your military rank is determined by a combination of your education, training and experience.

A combination of your rank and length of any prior military service will determine your pay.

(Medical Students, Residents, and Physicians) The Air National Guard can provide you with a strategy you can use to reach your professional goals. This strategy will not only provide a road map for your education and training, it will give you access to substantial financial aid to help support your efforts.

* Healthcare Professional Cash Incentive: Physicians with identified critical specialties may be eligible for up to a $75,000 cash bonus as an incentive to join the Air National Guard Medical Team.

* Health Professional Loan Repayment Program (HPLRP): Available to all ANG Health Professionals in annually identified critical specialties. Repays government-insured student loans up to $50,000.

* Physician Early Commissioning Program: Medical students may be commissioned in the ANG as a Health Service Administrator during medical school in preparation for re-commissioning as a physician.

* Resident Physician Stipend Program: Resident physicians in identified critical specialties may qualify for a monthly stipend to help support their graduate medical educations. Currently, the stipend is $2,088 per month while in resident status.

* G.I . Bill: Medical students may qualify for monthly financial support under the graduate school/Reserve section of the Montgomery G.I. Bill.

* Part-Time Professional Position: As a medical student or resident you will have a paid part-time job related to your career path and future responsibilities.

* Specialty Training: As a medical professional in the ANG, you will have access to unique additional specialty training like Aerospace Medicine School (possibly as an accredited part of your medical education program) and Top Knife Advanced Fighter Medicine School.

* Continuing Education: The ANG will support your ongoing medical training through support of both civilian and military continuing medical education activities.

* Networking and Contact Development for Your Practice Development and Enhancement: You will work with other ANG physicians and health professionals who will be able to guide and assist you as you move along your military and civilian career path.