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Safety office named best in ANG

KENTUCKY AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The 123rd Airlift Wing Safety Office has been named the top safety unit in the Air National Guard.

The National Guard Bureau selected the shop for its Air National Guard Safety Office of the Year Award for accomplishments in 2008, said Maj. Charles Hans, base safety officer.

Among those achievements, the shop received a "zero defect" flight safety assessment from higher headquarters -- the first ever in wing history.

The office also was recognized for developing a benchmark Community of Practice Web site that has been promoted as a "best practice" throughout the Air Guard.

The 123rd Airlift Wing's safety mishap response plan was similarly identified as a best practice by inspectors. Under this plan, shop personnel developed and executed a training scenario for more than 200 people at a private site using aircraft components, mannequins and role-players who acted as citizens and members of the news media.

In other accomplishments, the base safety office:

-- Worked through the Federal Aviation  Administration Safety Team to promote a proactive mid-air collision avoidance program for local pilots by visiting their airfields, associations and Civil Air Patrol Units. The FAA determined that the program was worthy of continuing-education credit and advertised the initiative through its official distribution system, generating a high level of participation from general aviation pilots throughout the region.

-- Advised the Ethiopian Air Force in the discipline of flight safety by traveling to Addis Ababa to consult with senior leaders at the wing level. The effort was lauded by the International Affairs Office of the Secretary of the Air Force for its positive contributions  to the safety community.

­-- Was recognized by the Air Mobility Command Inspector General during a Unit Compliance Inspection for running "an exemplary" safety program.