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New HR rep supports force development

KENTUCKY AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Talented people go where they feel wel¬come and businesses around the world have already attracted some of the most talented people through a commitment to leadership and diversity.

There is a clear connection between ef¬fective development training and an inclu¬sive military culture where each person's values and inputs are understood and truly appreciated.

As the 123d Airlift Wing Human Resources Advisor, I work closely with Airmen, leaders, retention professionals and trainers to promote an environment of leadership and development.

I advise the commander on a multitude of issues affecting the unit, ensure comprehensive diversity training, and do my utmost to help the unit reach its diversity potential.

Diversity, leadership and Force development, contrary to popular opinion, is not about affirmative action, compliance EEO training, or the recognition of just minorities. It is about recognizing the differences and qualities of each and every member and us¬ing those differences and qualities to create a cohesive organization where all benefit from one another's wisdom and knowledge.

As your new HRA, I am absolutely committed to ensuring Airmen are fully sup-ported through proactive force development, integrated and equitably distributed Force Management, and the active practice of Air National Guard Diversity Objectives.