Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal approved for wear

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  • By 123rd Airlift Wing Public Affairs
The secretary of the Air Force approved the Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal on May 27 to recognize direct support to nuclear deterrence operations. The medal is authorized for Airmen who directly impacted the Nuclear Enterprise and may be awarded retroactively to Dec. 27, 1991 to fully qualified Airmen.

The NDOSM (basic) may be awarded to Airmen who, while assigned, attached, deployed or mobilized to a unit, provided support to the Nuclear Enterprise for 120 consecutive or 179 non-consecutive days, and one of the following:

·       Were subject to a Nuclear Inspection

·       Performed duties in nuclear operations to include nuclear weapon storage facilities; nuclear command, control, and communication; cyber surety, security, safety, transportation, maintenance, facility management and maintenance; explosive ordnance disposal; aircrew certified for support to nuclear operations; weapons loaders; warning and attack assessment; personnel reliability program management; or research, development and acquisition of nuclear systems.

The medal may be awarded posthumously and may be presented to appropriate representatives of the deceased. It shall be worn immediately after the Air and Space Campaign Medal and before the Overseas Ribbon Short tour.

Airmen currently serving in, or no longer in, a qualifying unit will submit an AF Form 104, Service Medal Award Verification, to the current group commander (colonel or civilian leader equivalent) and above. Once approved, the completed AF Form 104 will be routed to the servicing Military Personnel Section for update in the member's record.

Supporting documents may consist of Contingency Exercise Deployment orders; pay travel vouchers; evaluations; decoration citation; AF Form 286, Personnel Reliability Program Qualification/Certification Action documents; Letter of Evaluation; and/or DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, or DD Form 215, Correction to DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty.

Members of the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve should submit applications by emailing the Total Force Service Center at Ensure the Category is "Recognition" and the Subject includes "NDOSM". If email is unavailable, members should mail documents to Headquarters, Air Reserve Personnel Center, 18420 E. Silver Creek Ave., Bldg 390, MS68, Buckley Air Force Base, CO 80011.

Applications will be validated by Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC) Recognitions Branch.