What kind of education and training will I receive?


  • 100 Percent State Tuition Assistance: Enlisted members who are in satisfactory standing can qualify up to 100% State Tuition Assistance for any Kentucky state-sponsored school. 

  • Montgomery GI Bill Program: You may be entitled to educational assistance through the Montgomery GI Bill as a member of the Guard. The rate as of Oct 2012 is $356 per month for students attending classes full-time, and it is pro-rated for those attending fewer classes. 

  • Montgomery GI Bill Kicker Program: These funds are earned IN ADDITION to the regular GI Bill. Individuals in certain career fields that are critical to the unit qualify. Members could receive up to an additional $350 per month for full-time students, and it is pro-rated for those attending fewer classes. 


  • Basic Training: Eight and a half weeks at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Here you are challenged both mentally and physically as you are oriented to military procedures and discipline. Your training instructors instill in you a strict military regimen as they teach you how to march, handle a rifle, tackle a confidence course, put your skills to work during Warrior Week, and help you develop the discipline and leadership skills you need as a guardsman. 

  • Technical Training: Upon completion of basic training you will receive in-depth, comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience that will equip you for both your military and civilian careers. Career fields range from avionics to food services, and training can be as little as 6 weeks or as long as 52 weeks, depending upon the technical aspects of the specific field you select. 

  • Professional Military Training: This includes courses to teach leadership and management skills. These courses also are designed to improve your communication skills and to assist you in developing your leadership potential. 

  • Community College of the Air Force (CCAF): The Air Force is the only military service that has it's own Community College. This is a unique, multi-campus facility from which Air Guard members can earn an Associate's in Applied Science degree. CCAF will take the credits you receive for basic military training and technical training and convert those into college credits that are transferable to most colleges.