What are the procedures for Requesting a Color Guard?

In the event a color guard is needed these following procedural steps must be followed. First, contact the 123rd Base Honor Guard Coordinator, usaf.ky.123-aw.list.fss-svml-honor-guard@mail.mil, with the details of your event needing a color guard. Secondly, fill out an official color guard Request Form. This request can be filled out over the phone, e-mailed, or faxed in to the coordinator. If the color guard request is e-mailed or faxed in before the requesting party has spoken with the Honor Guard Coordinator the party will be contacted immediately. Thirdly, after the request has been submitted the coordinator will request availability from the team and availability from Frankfort to fund the mission. Lastly, if funding and team members are available the coordinator will verify with the requesting party and give official conformation.