What benefits will I get?

  • Excellent Pay: Where can you work two days a month and be paid for four days? That is exactly what you get for a Unit Training Assembly, or what we like to call a Drill Weekend. Your pay will depend on your rank or pay grade and length of time you have been a member of the military. There is no better part-time job opportunity in the state of Kentucky. You will also earn money while you learn. This is a great way to supplement your civilian income. While you attend basic, technical training or annual field training you will always be earning more money. 

  • Life Insurance: As a member of the Air National Guard, you may purchase up to $400,000 worth of term life insurance for just $26.00 a month. 

  • Exchange & Commissary Privileges: You and your family will be able to shop at any military exchange or commissary. The Exchange is like your local department store where you can shop unlimited throughout the year and -- best of all -- pay NO sales tax. The Commissary is like your local grocery store with a discount where you and your family can shop as often as you like throughout the year. 

  • Cash Enlistment Bonuses: Certain career fields are so critical we offer Cash Enlistment Bonuses for individuals who qualify. 

  • Free Air Travel on Military Aircraft: Unit members are eligible to fly on military aircraft on what is called HOPS (Help Our People Save), more commonly referred to as Space A (Available) travel. This can be to anywhere in the United States, Virgin Islands, Guam or Puerto Rico.

  • Business and Job Contacts: The Kentucky Air National Guard is made up primarily of Traditional Guardsmen -- those who work part-time (one weekend a month and 15 days throughout the year). These same individuals have jobs or own businesses in their everyday lives. By being a member of the Kentucky Air National Guard you will have the opportunity to build friendships and get to know others who have similar and different backgrounds. 

  • Use of Fitness Center: We have a small state-of- the-art Fitness Center complete with aerobic and weight- training equipment. This is available to all members during the day, evening and weekends. 

  • Retirement Plan: After 20 years of total satisfactory military service, you are eligible for the Air National Guard's generous retirement benefits at age 60. You receive retirement pay and unlimited Base Exchange and Commissary access, and your space-available travel extends to include your family members, as well as overseas travel.